The Kingdoms of the Elements

Kingdom of Light

The Kingdom of Light was constructed by the Lords of Tanadrie and most of the monks in it. After it was constructed and made with every detail on it, the name of Tanadrie was replaced with The Kingdom of Light. In here lies the Monk Academy and the legendary Sword of the Lost Gods.

Kingdom of Shadows

The Kingdom of Shadows was emerged in the war that took place 100 years ago when Lord Soulmaster tried to rule for the first time and took this as his base. After the war, the damages were kept, and warriors of shadows were born here because of Soulmaster's abuse of women and left most of them pregnant. And so, the kingdom is now taken care of, and is under good care of Shadow Knights.

Kingdom of Earth

This is a unique and the biggest of all kingdoms in the lands. It was created by 5 kings that manipulated the grounds of a lost desert and created the basic parts of the village at first. Then with the years, they made it bigger, and at one point it was called the Kingdom of Earth for it's size. Although it is in the desert, for some reason unexplainable it is not as hot and it is better to live in.

Kingdom of Air

The Kingdom of Air was created after a ravishing storm. The Kingdom had always been there, yet abandoned and with no civilization at all. One day came a storm and began to blow everything with a fierce wind. Some explorers found the Kingdom and published their discovery. After that, some "Air Raiders" took over the Kingdom for a whole century. After the war happened they left it when the Air Civilization took their place in it for it's windy surroundings.

Kingdom of Fire

The kingdom of fire is said to be the kingdom with the strongest fighters and the wisest sages of all. They have used the fire arts for many generations, for construction of their machinery, shields, weapons and armors. The kingdom names the 8 Fire Sages every 10 years. It is said that this kingdom has a guardian demon of fire that protects it from evil hands.

Kingdom of Thunder

The Thunder Kingdom is ruled by The Thunder Lord Zecratiuz. He is the father of both Natzael and Ratzael, his twin sons. He is also the creator and ruler of the Thunder Element. When the first war with Lord Soulmaster arrived, he was obligated to create a gigantic Thunder Storm to strike him, but after the war he could not stop the storm. Then they had named the island surrounded by the storm the Thunder Kingdom and named Zecratiuz the ruler of it.

Kingdom of Water

The ruler of the Kingdom of Water is Queen Leida. The Water Kingdom was formed in the ruins of Old Altamar after it was almost destroyed by a tsunami. The architects from that area reconstructed the whole place with a base from the ruins that remained in top of the water. After that, it was Queen Leida who was able to pull out most of the water from the kingdom. And so, she was declared the Queen after this and protecting them in war against Soulmaster.

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