Blade of Lost Gods

This is the sword that descends from the Gods themselves in order to defeat Lord Soulmaster. It has the most powerful mystical powers ever seen and is said to give the user a boost of life. Trigon is given this sword before he exits the Kingdom of Light to defeat Lord Soulmaster.


This is a special and powerful bow that was forged by the Elven Monks with their mystic powers. The bow allows the user to manipulate any element along with the bow. The bow can do ANYTHING, all the user has to do is think it and it will happen. Joe gets this bow in the Kingdom of Light with Trigon before sailing off.

Soul Raper

This is the staff that the Soul Sages use for their dark magic enchantments and spells. The staff can steal the soul of anyone who touches it and does not have the power and experience to hold on to it's great power and relentless shadows.

Rage and Anger.

These are a pair of Assassin Blades that were created by Soulmaster from the depths of the Underworld for Ratzael. When these blades are plunged into a body it steals the life out of the victim and the user of the blades absorbs the victims life, thus, living longer. Ratzael also uses them for the element control of chaos fire.


The word "Raito" comes from the Japanese language meaning Light. This bow was created in the Kingdom of Thunder to be used against Soulmaster in the war, but Natzael took it for the wrong purpose. He now controls the bow, and controls the complete element of Thunder with it. The bow gives the user the ability to control the Thunder Element with the bow, anything you think of thunder with the bow, will happen. This bow is just as strong as the Daikyu, but it the user who determines the strength of the bow.

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